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Kung-fu panda

Relese date: June 5, 2008

Main actors/characters: Jack black (po), Ian Mcshane (Tai Lung), Angelina Jolie (tigress)

Director: Jennifer Yuh Nelson

In the valley of peace, Po the panda finds himself chosen as the dragon warrior, despite him being overweight and a complete amateur at martial arts. His dreams of being a kung-fu master become reality when he joins the world of Kung Fu and studies alongside his idols, the legendary Furious Five – Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey under the eye of their watchful teacher, Master Shifu. Before they know it the vengeful and treacherous Tai Lung is headed their way, and it is up to Po to defend the people. In an epic battle, this unlikely hero finds out that his greatest weaknesses turns out to be his greatest strengths.

What I think of this movie is that it is just brilliant. The way the events just follow each other with smoothness, there is no confusion. There is lots of humour and there are no boring bits at all. There are many tense parts of the movie as well but these are really enjoyable. Trust me when i say this but this a movie that you should keep an eye on if you want to watch it in the future. If your just looking for a laugh you have to watch this movie. I have to give this movie a rating of 5 out of 5.

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Karate Kid

Release date: 11 June 2010

Main actors: Jackie Chan, Jaden Smith, Taraji P. Hencon

Director: Haralad Zwart

Work causes a mother to leave Detroit, America and go to china. Dre develops a crush on a young violinist, Mei Ying, she also likes him, but Cheng, a kung fu expert, whose family is close to Mei Ying’s, attempts to keep them apart by beating up Dre, and later bullies him at school. Shattered emotionally and physically he seeks help from Mr. Han a maintenance man. He is no ordinary maintenance man, he is a master of the arts of kung-fu. They both go to Cheng’s master and he says that they should settle it once and for all in a tournament. Dre trains with great perseverance and goes to fight Cheng and finish all the bullying once and for all.

What I think of the movie is that it is an exceptional one. It is highly interesting and funny at the same time. I couldn’t top staring at the screen. All the fights I felt as if I was there, a bystander. The acting is really convincing. I really believe that the whole world should see this movie. It has action, comedy, romance, friendship, trust, focus and heaps more. It is not a movie to miss and should be on your “to watch list” Trust me it is very believable. I rate this movie 5 out of 5.


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Street Dreams

Release date: March 2009

Main actors: Ryan Scheckler, Paul Rodrigues, Ryan dunn

Director: Chris Zamoscianyk


This Movie is about Derrick Cabrera who, like all skaters, has a dream of getting sponsored and one day becoming a professional. He has the most talent in the world for skateboarding but his parents, friends and schoolmates don’t see what he sees in skateboarding. They are unhappy for him pursuing a life of skateboarding, they think its useless. His crew of friends ,that are skaters, are the only people who accept him. In the sport of skateboarding a single trick that has never been done before can bring you fame in an instant. Derrick has that trick, if only he can make it. As he attempts to make this trick he is faced with a jealous friend who abandoned him. Derrick goes into a skate competition and tries to pull of the trick. If he makes it or not you will have to see but let me tell you it is not what it looks like.

Well Let me tell you my opinion of this movie is really high. It is great, just great. There is great suspense in the whole movie. I love how the events are placed out. Some of the things that happen in the movie really make you sit at the edge of your seat. You will just love the movie. Believe me you will love every minute you watch. It is the best movie i have watched in a while. I rate it 5 out of 5 because it is, in my opinion perfect in all aspects.


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Release date: 11 August 2

 Main actors: Josh Hutcherson, Jonah Bobo and Dax Shepard

Director: Jon Favreau

Danny and Walter are two brothers who never get along. Whatever they do they fight. There seems to be a repulsion between them. Their older sister has to go to extremes just to ignore them, but to no avail. All three siblings loath each other. Unbelievably though they cooperate in playing a board game. However, this is no ordinary board game, after the first turn they were sent to outer space! They had to cooperate and use teamwork to finish the game and return home. Every turn they are faced with a new challenge, every spin they become closer and they see the importance in each other.

Zathura is a great space adventure. Danny and Walter encounter a dangerous mission which teaches them and us a great moral lesson. The epic adventure of friendship and rivalry was astounding to watch. It is a very interesting movie for all ages. Trust me when i say this, the ending of the movie has a great twist which you will never imagine unless you watch the movie. Take my advice you’ll not only enjoy yourself but you will also learn a great lesson. I rate this movie a 5 out of 5.

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Penny Board ( the nickel board)

Release date: 11 November 2011

Creator of the board (founder): Ben Mckay

Area sold: Worldwide

The nickel board is like the penny board but more larger. The Nickel is a board at 27-inches long by 7.5-inches wide, fitted out with super high quality Penny branded components, including custom 4-inch Penny trucks, the beloved 59mm 78A super smooth Penny wheels and Penny ABEC 3 bearings. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities. The cool thing about it is that it is made out of plastic and so it’s waterproof and more versatile. Don’t worry, even though it’s made out of plastic it won’t snap or get damaged easily. It’s a tough board!

Proof of the boards toughness:

Do you want to know what i think of the board? Well, let me tell you. I love the board, and this is why; First off, the board is big enough to do tricks yet portable and easy to take with me. It is smooth with ABEC 3 rating, it feels like im skating on air! There are tons of colours to choose from for example, Black-Purple-Green, Orange-Purple-Green, Glow-Black-Green etc. You can even customize your own colour sequence! It is amazing how the little thing can withstand the weight of a car (as you might have seen from the video i put up earlier in my blog) As you might guess my rating for this product is a straight 5 out of 5.

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Mr. Bean’s holiday

Release date: March 22, 2007

Main Characters: Rowan Atkinson(Mr. Bean), Emma de Caunes(Sabine), Willem Dafoe(Carson clay)

Directed by: Steve Bendelack.

Mr beans is growing sick of the wet, cold, and humid London weather, he finds just the right chance to escape when he wins a trip to sunny southern France, all expenses paid, with a new digital video camera to accompany him. However, he runs into difficult situations, such as winding up in a French restaurant where a waiter convinces him to eat bizarre varieties of seafood that he’s never before encountered, and discovering that the train he is on is indeed really fast. Eventually, Mr. Bean (accompanied by a Russian traveling companion whom he meets along his journey) stumbles onto a French movie in production and spoils the whole ending, little realizing that his own clumsy video footage will accidentally ended up in the director’s film and was to be screened at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival.

Me beans holiday is another one of the Mr bean series. Before even watching the movie I knew it would be a hilarious one as from past Mr bean movie experiences. Although i predicted how funny the movie would be, I was thrilled throughout the whole movie. How the complications lead to each other and just the laughs, I couldn’t stop staring at the screen. I rate this movie a 5 out of 5. It was perfect in all aspects in my point of view. I recommend this movie to all comedy seekers and people who just want a laugh.

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Subway Surfers

Year it was released: May 24, 2012

Main charaters: Boy, Girl, Alien, Police officer and his dog

Director: Kiloo games

Playable devices: ios & android


You play as a character who is tagging a train with graffiti. When they are caught by an inspector and his faithful dog, your kid takes off, and the inspector and dog give chase as you jump, roll, and dodge left and right around trains (both moving and stationary) and obstacles throughout the trainyard. You only need to swipe ,left or right, to avoid the obstacles. All the while, you’ll be trying to collect coins, power-ups, and bonuses to reach for a higher score.The many power-ups include: a magnet which attracts coins, hoverboards which can majke you go faster and spraypaint-powered jetpack which makes you go higher and faster.

Overall, Subway Surfers is a fun experience, particularly if you’re into the run forever style of gaming. And if you’ve only experienced the 2D style of that genre, then this game makes a pretty good introduction to the 3D style. It has a colourful graphics which make the gaming experience even more fun. The controls aren’t hard to learn either. This is a simple yet awesome game. I have to tell this is one of the best games i’ve played in a while. i have to rate this game a 5 out of 5.


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