19 Jun

Release date: 11 August 2

 Main actors: Josh Hutcherson, Jonah Bobo and Dax Shepard

Director: Jon Favreau

Danny and Walter are two brothers who never get along. Whatever they do they fight. There seems to be a repulsion between them. Their older sister has to go to extremes just to ignore them, but to no avail. All three siblings loath each other. Unbelievably though they cooperate in playing a board game. However, this is no ordinary board game, after the first turn they were sent to outer space! They had to cooperate and use teamwork to finish the game and return home. Every turn they are faced with a new challenge, every spin they become closer and they see the importance in each other.

Zathura is a great space adventure. Danny and Walter encounter a dangerous mission which teaches them and us a great moral lesson. The epic adventure of friendship and rivalry was astounding to watch. It is a very interesting movie for all ages. Trust me when i say this, the ending of the movie has a great twist which you will never imagine unless you watch the movie. Take my advice you’ll not only enjoy yourself but you will also learn a great lesson. I rate this movie a 5 out of 5.

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