Street Dreams

19 Jun

Release date: March 2009

Main actors: Ryan Scheckler, Paul Rodrigues, Ryan dunn

Director: Chris Zamoscianyk


This Movie is about Derrick Cabrera who, like all skaters, has a dream of getting sponsored and one day becoming a professional. He has the most talent in the world for skateboarding but his parents, friends and schoolmates don’t see what he sees in skateboarding. They are unhappy for him pursuing a life of skateboarding, they think its useless. His crew of friends ,that are skaters, are the only people who accept him. In the sport of skateboarding a single trick that has never been done before can bring you fame in an instant. Derrick has that trick, if only he can make it. As he attempts to make this trick he is faced with a jealous friend who abandoned him. Derrick goes into a skate competition and tries to pull of the trick. If he makes it or not you will have to see but let me tell you it is not what it looks like.

Well Let me tell you my opinion of this movie is really high. It is great, just great. There is great suspense in the whole movie. I love how the events are placed out. Some of the things that happen in the movie really make you sit at the edge of your seat. You will just love the movie. Believe me you will love every minute you watch. It is the best movie i have watched in a while. I rate it 5 out of 5 because it is, in my opinion perfect in all aspects.


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