Vans (Authentic)

13 Jun

Year it was released: March 16, 1966

Founders: Paul Van Doren, Gordon C. Lee, James Van Doren, Serge d’Elia.

Area sold: Worldwide

Vans is a company that makes clothes, accessories and shoes, however I’m going to tell you about Vans authentic shoes. The authentic are a laceup shoe featuring the famous Vans waffle bottom construction, original vulcanized sole and canvas uppers.They come in a variety of colours and styles. These shoes can be used in skateboarding, wakeboarding and motor cross. They can also be used if you want to go out. The prices are reasonable too.

My thought on these shoes are that they are awesome. In my opinion they should be worn by everyone. Let me tell you why. First off they have a really comfortable sole, I guess that’s because they are vulcanized. Another thing is that the waffle bottom is ideal for skateboarding etc. because you need to be as close as the ground as possible, when pushing. There are heaps of colours which anyone can choose from. You can also make up and design your own colour combination. They are stylish so they can be worn in any occasion. You have to see them to believe how great they are! I give a five out of five rating.

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