Angry birds space

06 Jun

Year it was released: March, 2012

Main actors: Multi coloured birds, pigs

Developer: Rovio entertainment

Playable devices: IOS, Android, Mac os x


Well what you have to do in this game is that you need to shoot birds at pigs using a sling shot . These pigs can be on or within various structures. You need to destroy all the pigs in order to get the most points and advance to the next level. The reason you need to destroy the pigs is because they took the birds eggs. As you do progress to the next levels, more birds will be appeared with special abilities. There’s going to be gravity fields, explosives etc. which will make your game more fun.


My opinion of this game is very high. It an unbelievably addicting game. The way it is designed is awesome. Trust me when I say this it is the best game in the world! If you want to know why it is because of the fascinating gameplay. You’ll have a lot of fun playing this game just as much as I did. I think this game is great for all age groups. All you need is a finger and a heart for fun. You’ll regret not buying this game. I give this game a 5 out of 5 rating.

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